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Shalbourne Parish

It's what you make it...
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2016/17 Meetings



All meetings at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall (Post Code SN8 3QF)  except the Parish Assembly which starts at 7,30 pm

11 January 2018 

Agenda available by clicking here.

It will be preceeded by a Planning Meeting at 7.45pm, agenda below

15th March 2018

Parish Assembly – 19 April 2018

AGM – 17th May 2018

19th July 2018

20th September 2018

22nd November 2018



Agendas and dates of Planning Meetings are shown below. 


The following documents for the year 2016/17 are now available:

1.Annual Governance statement, click here.

2. Certified, approved and signed accounts, click here.

3. Declaration that accounts are unaudited, click here.

4. Notice setting out the times and days on which the accounts and background information are available for inspection, click here. 

5. Reconciliation and supporting statements, click here.

6. The Notice of Conclusion of the audit can be found by clicking here.


Standing Orders


The Council has adopted new standing orders. These can be found at Standing orders draft 1 Aug 11.doc and at Finance Procedure for website Nov11.doc

The Transparency Code, as applicable to the Council, can be found by clicking here.

The Parish Councillors:

Mike Lockhart (Chairman), Carole Fisher (Deputy Chairman, Financial Officer), Dianah Shaw, Bob Walker, Lady Jeannine Barber, Minnie Scott Russell, Carolyn Bartholomew, Andy Dolan .


·        Planning – All Councillors

·        Footpaths – Dianah Shaw

·        Highways and Surface Water – Dianah Shaw and Mike Lockhart

·        Local Transport – Vacant

·        Police Liaison and Neighbourhood Watch –the Council would liaise with Louise Evans as Neighbourhood Watch Co - Ordinator

·        Environmental – Jeannine Barber

·        Shalbourne Club Liaison – Bob Walker

·        Education – the Council would liaise with Jenni Blake, Chairman of the Governors

·        Finance – Carole Fisher

·        Business and Enterprise – Minnie Scott Russell






Description of footpaths available at Definitive Map Statements - Shalbourne 42.pdf

Meeting of Parish Council on Thursday 23 November in the Kingston Rooms.

Mrs Carolyn Bartholomew and Mr. Andy Dolan were co-opted onto the Council, we are grateful to both of them for undertaking this work.

There was a constructive discussion on what extra equipment should be obtained for the play area. It was felt that something should be installed for older children, a half pipe for skateboarding had been suggested but it was agreed that this was beyond the Council’s budget and would not really be suitable. There also might be a need for some new equipment for younger children. It was agreed that the basic question was – what do the children themselves want? A small sub group lead by Bob Walker was set up to investigate further and report back. The cash will come from the Parish council’s budget and the residue of the #106 grant from Ropewind.

The Pewsey Community Area Transport group have approved, in principle, a 20 mph limit for the village. A detailed study will now be undertaken on its implementation. We will probably not see the final result until next summer. There has been some minor re – signing on the A338 but Wilts Council will not do any more to improve safety in this area.

It was agreed to buy a larger bin to go outside the shop. It was also agreed to replace the derelict sign near Folly Farm on the road to Bedwyn.

The budget and precept for 2018/19 were considered. There is likely to be a considerable increase on this year. The amount of increase is only £2000 but this amounts to over 50% as we have over recent years run down reserves. The increase is almost totally accounted for by one off costs of contributing to the implementation of the 20 mph scheme and the tree pruning on the Green in Oxenwood. The next meeting will finalise the budget.  

The next meeting will be on Thursday 11 January in the Plough. This meeting has been brought forward to fit in with the timetable for submitting our budget to Wilts Council. At the meeting we will finalise the budget so if you are likely to need a grant next year please come and have your say.  

Power cuts and the vulnerable

We have been reminded by our electricity distributor, Scottish and Southern Energy Distribution, of the services they offer to the vulnerable in the community if there is a power cut. These services come to you automatically if you are registered. Further details can be got from their website or by phoning 0800 294 3259. A copy of their brochure can be found by clicking here.

Shalbourne Parish Council


Planning Committee Meeting which may be held on Thursday 11th January 2018 in the Plough Inn, Shalbourne at 7.45pm

This meeting will be open to the public

Planning application 18/00099/TCA

Consultation expiry: Thursday 1 February, 2018


Site address: Tucks Cottage Mill Lane Shalbourne Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 3XA 


Proposed development: T1 - Yew tree - reduce height by 2m T2 - Hawthorn tree - fell


Application type: Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Case officer: Sue Morgan

Planning application 17/12231/TCA

Consultation expiry; Thursday 11 January, 2018


Site address: Mulberry Cottage Ham Road Shalbourne Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 3QN 


Proposed development: See Attached List - Various Works to 31 Trees


Application type: Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Case officer: Beverley Griffin



Planning application 17/11468/FUL

Consultation expiry: Thursday 11 January, 2018


Target date for decision: Monday 29 January, 2018


Site address: Primrose Cottage Kingston Road Shalbourne SN8 3QD 


Proposed development: Proposed three bay garage building, room over and re-alignment of driveway.


Application type: Full Planning

Case officer: Lucy Rutter




Applications where the Council has decided not to comment






Yew Tree House Mill Lane Shalbourne Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 3XA

T1 - Yew tree - reduce overhanging branches back by 3-4m





Shalbourne Village Hall Kingston Road Shalbourne Shalbourne SN83QF

Holly tree Reduce to half existing height and prune to shape (Crown reduction).





Brook Cottage Kingston Road SHALBOURNE SN8 3QH

Hawthorn (T1) - Removal of Hawthorn Pine tree (T2) Remove this overhanging limb


Tucks Cottage Mill Lane Shalbourne Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 3XA

T1 - Spruce tree - crown lift to 6m to clear buildings








Any comments can be passed to a member of the Parish Council or posted on the Wiltshire Council Planning website.

Details available at the Wiltshire Planning website.