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Shalbourne Parish

It's what you make it...
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2016/17 Meetings



All meetings at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall (Post Code SN8 3QF)  except the Parish Assembly which starts at 7,30 pm

Thursday 20th July 2017, preceded by a Planning Meeting, see below;

Thursday 21st September 2017;

Thursday 23rd November 2017



Agendas and dates of Planning Meetings are shown below


The following documents for the year 2016/17 are now available:

1.Annual Governance statement, click here.

2. Certified, approved and signed accounts, click here.

3. Declaration that accounts are unaudited, click here.

4. Notice setting out the times and days on which the accounts and background information are available for inspection, click here. 

5. Reconciliation and supporting statements, click here.


Standing Orders


The Council has adopted new standing orders. These can be found at Standing orders draft 1 Aug 11.doc and at Finance Procedure for website Nov11.doc

The Transparency Code, as applicable to the Council, can be found by clicking here.

The Parish Councillors:

Mike Lockhart (Chairman), Carole Fisher (Deputy Chairman, Financial Officer), Dianah Shaw, Bob Walker, Lady Jeannine Barber, Minnie Scott Russell.


·        Planning – All Councillors

·        Footpaths – Dianah Shaw

·        Highways and Surface Water – Dianah Shaw and Mike Lockhart

·        Local Transport – Vacant

·        Police Liaison and Neighbourhood Watch –the Council would liaise with Louise Evans as Neighbourhood Watch Co - Ordinator

·        Environmental – Jeannine Barber

·        Shalbourne Club Liaison – Bob Walker

·        Education – the Council would liaise with Jenni Blake, Chairman of the Governors

·        Finance – Carole Fisher

·        Business and Enterprise – Minnie Scott Russell






Description of footpaths available at Definitive Map Statements - Shalbourne 42.pdf

Last PC Meeting


The new Parish Council held its first meeting on Thursday 18th May in the Kingston Rooms. Those who stood for election were: Jeannine Barber; Carole Fisher; Dianah Shaw and Bob Walker. As this was fewer than the nine we can have on the Council there was no election. At the meeting it was agreed to co-opt Minnie Scott Russell. Full details of who will be responsible for what can be found on the Council page of the village website.

As set out in previous reports, the Parish Steward system appears to be failing. Not only are small jobs not being done, there is a complete lack of feedback and those jobs which may be too large for the Steward but are not safety critical are just not happening. Shalbourne is not the only parish where this is happening and the matter is being pursued at the Pewsey Area Board. Whether this leads to any improvement remains to be seen.

You may have noticed the return of the hole at the Ham Road junction. The permanent in depth repairs have lasted at most 18 months. In fairness Wiltshire Council did act within 48 hours of the hole being reported even if the action was only putting bollards around the hole. They say they will now look into it. The pothole by the Mill House continues to be a danger but, according to Wiltshire Council, merits only being “under observation”.

The Council has looked at replacing the wooden signs on the road to Bedwyn. Replacing with a wooden sign would be prohibitively expensive, we are looking at modern alternatives. Whatever path is selected the Parish will have to pay, no money in the Council budget!

The Council has submitted a collective response to the developer who has proposed building three houses on the tennis court at the entrance to the Elms. A copy of that response is available on request to any Council member

The Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner is undertaking a survey into the effectiveness of the recent reorganisation of rural policing. The effect of this reorganisation seems to be to deprive us of one police officer. Although the Council will not be responding collectively, we are asking as many individuals to respond through the website at:

The May meeting signed off the financial statements for the Council for the twelve months up to 31 March 2017. In June these statements and the back-up papers, subject to audit, will be available for public inspection. Details of how to do this will be on the village website and a notice will be put in the noticeboard by the shop.       

Shalbourne Parish Council


Planning Committee Meeting which will be held on Thursday 20th July at 7,45 pm in the Kingston Rooms, Kingston Road, Shalbourne

This meeting will be open to the public

Planning application: 17/03820/FUL

Consultation expiry: Wednesday 19 July, 2017


Site address: Long Barn 1 Ropewind Shalbourne Wiltshire SN8 3FF 


Proposed development: Lean-to veranda on an oak frame supported on four green oak posts, slate roof to match with inset conservation roof lights above existing house windows and doors


Application type: Full Planning

Case officer: Lucy Rutter

Planning application: 17/06640/TCA

Consultation expiry: Wednesday 9 August, 2017


Site address: Foxbury Kingston Road SHALBOURNE SN8 3QD 


Proposed development: G1 - Clear understorey, raise canopies to 2.5m and Fell all dead trees T1 and T2 - Cypress - Fell to ground level.

·        August, 2017 


Application type: Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Case officer: Beverley Griffin



Any comments can be passed to a member of the Parish Council or/and posted on the Wiltshire Council Planning website

Detailed plans are at the Wiltshire Planning website and in the Post Office. 

Power cuts and the vulnerable

We have been reminded by our electricity distributor, Scottish and Southern Energy Distribution, of the services they offer to the vulnerable in the community if there is a power cut. These services come to you automatically if you are registered. Further details can be got from their website or by phoning 0800 294 3259. A copy of their brochure can be found by clicking here.