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Shalbourne Parish

It's what you make it...
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Club Background and Aims
The Club is Registered Charity No. 1054731, and is the main organisation within Shalbourne and the surrounding area to provide recreation, arts and leisure activities for the community, with the aim of keeping life within the villages very alive. Over the years it has organised a wide range of events: Classical concerts; Plays; Firework displays; Carol singing; Country Fayres with Real Ales and Music; Burns Nights; Medieval Feast Nights, and community celebrations such as the Queen's Jubilee.
In addition it acts as the umbrella organisation for other clubs within the parish such as the highly successful Gardening Club, the Cricket Club, Tennis Courts, the Football Club, and the village Playground; it also seeks to support any new initiatives generated by our parishioners. The main source of our limited funds has been the annual Beer and Music Festival, which grew to be one of the largest events of its kind in the region. Now the Club is open to ideas for alternative events; currently examining a possible Caribbean Night in late June 2011.
The Shalbourne Recreation Society, as it is formally known, was formed back in January 1945 when all the village organisations active during wartime met with the aim of "fostering and maintaining the comradeship and team spirit so evident during wartime, and to harness that spirit for post-war social well-being and the good of the village generally; with the main object eventually of providing a village hall and community centre". The Club was presented with a sports field which provides the hub for most of its sporting activities by Miss Doris Mason and Miss Marguerite de Beaumont in October 1945, and is located in one of England's most attractive settings.
The Club has a continuous record of activity from those early days and is a tribute to the villagers that have given their time and resources over the years to help keep the original ideals alive.
The Club is run by trustees (below); their committee meets very regularly throughout the year. They are always open to new ideas and welcome offers of help both of time and resources. Do click on the 'Events' page of this website, which will be updated with details of future activities, to which everyone is welcome.


New Pavilion Appeal

On May 9 2014 the Shalbourne Pavilion Appeal was launched, with the aim of raising some £200,000 to finance the demolition of the existing structure and build a new Pavilion and storage buildings for the Sports Field.

Click here for more information.



Elected Members

Bob Walker, Chairman

Larry Sargent, Treasurer

Bill Woodroffe, Secretary - Email:

Micky Bird

Diane Close

Rod Close

Bob Nash


Co-opted Members

Dave Skardon

Kester Shelton


Representative Member

Will Parton - Parish Council

Mark Morris – Cricket Club