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Virtual walks
11 October 2017
Parish Council Meeting
There will be a short Parish Council meeting on Thursday 19 October to consider cutting back the trees on the Oxenwood green. It will be preceeded by a planning meeting. Full details are available from the Parish Council webpage under "Organisations". 

5 October 2017
Sewage works - Update from Thames Water

"We have completed the reed beds and are currently commissioning the site. We continue to tanker from site until we are confident that we are treating the sewage to our required standard and can discharge to the local watercourse. We are aiming tankering will be stopped by the end of Oct/beginning of November."

29 Septmber
Classis Car Show 2017 - Cancellation
The Classic Car Show 2017 has been cancelled owing to the probability of bad weather.

16 September 2017
Parish Council Meeting - 21 September 
The agendas for the next Parish Council meeting and a planning meeting together with the minutes of the last meeting can be found on the Parish Council pageof this website.

5 September 2017

What Makes Our Landscape Special?

Everyone is invited to this exciting free Open Meeting at Shalbourne village hall on Thursday 14th September.

Find out more about our lovely village and the wider “North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” that surrounds it.

Learn about the history, wildlife, landscape and the people who live and work in the AONB and the opportunities for business and leisure.

Discover new walks and places to visit on your doorstep.

Doors open 7.45 pm –Tea/Coffee and cake available.


7 September 2017
Church event
A dramatised reading of St Mark's Gospel will take place in the church on Tuesday 19th September at 7.30pm (not 7pm as shown on the Parish Magazine's Out & About page). Click here for more detail.

4 September 2017
Completion of Parish Council Audit
The formal notice concerning the completion of the audit of the Council's accounts together with details of how to inspect the accounts can be found by clicking here.

4 September 2017
Police Report
The Police Report for August can be obtained by clicking here.

7 August 2017
Church Service Times - A Correction
Please note that there are 2 mistakes in the times for church service as set out in the Parish Magazine. The services on the 13th and 27th August will be at 9,30am., not at the time shown in the magazine.

12 July 2017
Parish Council Meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 20 July at 8,00pm in the Kingston Rooms. It will be preceeded at 7.45pm by a Planning Meeting. All are welcome to attend.

3 July 2017
GWR Electrification Programme - service disruption dates

This is an update from Mark Hopwood, Managing Director of Great Western Railway with information on weekend disruption to the GWR line as well as a link to the dedicated web page containing all the information on the improvement works.


The next stage of work for the electrification programme will be to test the overhead wires in the Reading area, which will have an impact on all Thames Valley and High Speed Services on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September.  Services between Penzance, Plymouth and London Paddington will operate hourly and journey times will be extended by up to 70 minutes.


Full details are available on a dedicated web page:

30 June 2017
Pictures from the Parish Magazine
The original pictures used in July's Parish Magazine together with some not used can be found at

29 June 2017
Sewage Treatment Plant
The following message received today from Thames Water:

Update on Shalbourne Sewage Treatment Works and tankering:
We have had the results of the ecological survey on the reed beds that we need to refurbish at Shalbourne STW. Harvest mice, wrens and reed bunting (reed bunting is on the red list of birds of conservation)are nesting in the reeds and this means the work on the reed beds we want to start we are not able to until after the 1st September, when we animals should have stopped nesting etc.
This will mean we are not able to stop tankering at end of July as we previously had planned. We are now aiming to complete the works by end of September as the reed bed refurbishment should take a month to complete.
We will continue to try and restrict times to between 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week, but this will be weather dependant and we might need to increase the number of tankers on some occasions when more flows enter the STW.
Can we apologies again for any disruption, this may cause, but we need to protect the nesting animals and adjust our plans.
We are letting dropping those properties nearest to the sewage treatment works next week to update them.
Thames Water contact details are telephone 08003169800 or email please quote Bulletin Board number 970180.
Thank you.

16 June 2017
Sewage Treatment Plant
Thames Water have said that they currently plan to have work finished and plant working by end July. Updates will be available on 0800 316 9800 reference BB970180.

10 June 2017
Pictures from the Parish Magazine
The original pictures used in June's Parish Magazine together with some that were, for reasons of space, not used can be found at :     

6 June 2017
Breakdown at Shalbourne Sewage Works - Extra Tankers.
The following message was received from Thames Water today:

I would like to advise that Thames Water have had to tanker full flows from the sewage treatment works. This is because we have had issues on site and are not able to treat the sewage from the village.
We have reviewed the tanker timings 4 loads between the hours of 6am and 10pm, 7 days a week. THe conseqence of us not tankering flows is flooding to properties or pollution to the river and we cannot do this, therefore the need to tanker. I have been in touch with a couple of residents and wanted you to be aware of the situation. At this moment in time we do not know when we will be able to stop the tankering.
Customers can contact Thames Water direct on 08003169800 quoting Bulletin board no 970180.
Thank you."

23 May 2017
Parish Council Planning Meeting
A Planning Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 1 June, location to be advised. The agenda is on the Parish Council page of this website. 

23 May 2017
Parish Council Accounts - Public Inspection
The Parish Council accounts and supporting documentation are now available on the Parish Council page of this site, under "Organisations". Also there are details of how you can inspect the working papers.

14 May 2017
Shalbourne Parish Council AGM
The AGM of the Shalbourne Parish Council will be held on Thursday 18 May at 8.00 pm in the Kingston Room. The agenda can be found on the Parish Council page of this site.

9 May 2017
CPR and Defilbrillator Training - 18 May
There will be a training session on CPR and use of the defibrillator on the morning of Thursday 18 May in the Kingston Rooms. Full details can be obtained by clicking here.

21 April 2017
Cricket Club - Fixtures
Fixtures for the 2017 season are now on the Cricket Club page.

21 April 2017
Parish Assembly Papers
These are now available on the Parish Council page.

5 April 2017
Parish and Unitary Council Elections
The lists of nominations for the above elections has been published.
For the Parish Council, five persons have been nominated, click here for details. As there is provision for nine Parish Councillors, there will not be an election.   
For the Wiltshire Unitary Councillor for Burbage and the Bedwyns, there have been four nominations for one seat, click here for details. An election will be held on 4th May.

31 March 2017
Road Closures - Chute Causeway
Wilts Council are planning to close part of the Chute Causeway between April 22 and April 24. Details can be found by clicking here, a map showing an alternative route can be found by clicking here.
This is the third time there has been this closure notice. Perhaps this time they will do the work!

22 March 2017
Parish Assembly - 20 April 2017.
The Shalbourne Parish Assembly for 2017 will be held in the Kingston Rooms on Thursday 20 April at 7,30pm. The minutes of the previous meeting can be found through the Parish Council web page on this site. The agenda for this meeting is available on the same page. As last year, refreshments will be provided by Shalbourne Stores. Come along and have your say.

22 March 2017
Notice Board on Mill Lane
At the last meeting of the Parish Council it was noted that the notice board at the Ham Road/Mill Lane junction was in need of significant repair or, more probably, replacement. As the costs of repair/replacement would be in the £00's and very few people use the board and given that it is not on a pavement casual viewers are few it was agreed to take it down.
If anyone feels that they can make a case for its retention please contact a member of the Parish Council.

15 March 2017
Unitary and Parish Council Elections
Nomination packs for the above have now been issued. Full details of the elections can be found on line at Alternatively the nomination form for the Parish Council can be accessed by clicking here.
The official Notice of Election can be viewed by clicking here.
If anyone needs their electoral number to complete the form please contact the Chairman of the Parish Council or Wilts Council Electoral services.

11 March 2017
Parish Council Meeting
There will be a Parish Council meeting on Thursday 16th March at 8,00 pm in the Kingston Rooms. It will be preceeded by a planning meeting. Agendas for both meetings together with minutes of previous meetings can be found on the Parish Council page of this website, under Organisations.

8 March 2017
Local Elections
Local elections will be held on Thursday 4th May. Nominations for election to the Parish Council are due to be handed in in late March, early April. If you are thinking of standing, the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils has produced a guide which can be accessed by clicking here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the current council.

13 February 2017
Parish Council
There will be a short Parish Council meeting on 2nd March to consider the contribution required to be made towards the Wilts Council study into the 20 mph limit near the school. It will be followed by a Planning Committee meeting. Full details on the Parish Council page

30 January 2017
Church Services
With the church remaining closed during February  the scheduled services are as shown below

9 January 2017
Parish Magazine - Change of Address
Please note that the e mail address for submissions to the Parish Magazine is  

9 January 2017
Parish Council Meeting
A reminder that the Parish Council meeting this month is a week early to fit in with the budget and precept submissions to Wiltshie Council. It will be held on Thursday 12th January in the Plough restaurant at 8,00 pm. It will be preceded by a planning meeting. Agendas can be found on the Parish Council webpage under Organisations.

5 January 2017

Church Services changes
Following next Sunday's service St Michael & All Angels church  will be closed for repairs and changes to the lighting
and heating systems. Until these are completed some services, starting with the 9am Holy Communion on 15 January,
will be held in the Village Hall.

19 December 2016
Road Closures - Chute
Wilts Council will be closing Chute Causeway for 2 days in February 2017 for resurfacing. Full details can be found by clicking here and a map with alternative routes by clicking here

16 December 2016
Planning - Carvers Hill Farm
Wiltshire Council have received further plans on the above. These are available on their Comments are invited before 6 Jan 2017

6 December 2016

Carols By Candelight
Everybody is welcome at this year's service - please come along.

29 November 2016
School Nativity Play
This year's Shalbourne School play will be at St Michael & All Angels church on 8 December at 5.30pm.

29 November 2016
Church Lighting & Heating meeting reminder
A public meeting will be held at 4pm today at St Michael & All Angels church
to outline and discuss the PCC's plans to improve its lighting and heating systems.
All are welcome.

20 November 2016

Parish Council January Meeting – Change of date and place

The deadline for the submission of the budget to Wiltshire Council means that we will have to bring forward our January meeting. The date when the maximum number of councillors can attend is Thursday 12 January. Unfortunately, that night the Kingston Rooms are being used by another organisation so the only reasonable alternative in the village is to use the restaurant of the Plough, so there we will be. Do come along. 

12 November 2016
Parish Council
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday 17 November at 8,00 pm in the Kingston Rooms. It will be preceeded by a planning meeting at 7,45 pm. Details are on the Parish Council page. 

30 October 2016

Church Services time corrections
Please note that some Parish Magazine details are incorrect.
The service at
St Michael & All Angels on 6 November will be an 'All Souls Service' starting at 6pm.
The Carol service on 17 December will begin at 3pm.

17 October 2016
Sports Pavilion progress
Click here  to view the latest pictures.
13 October 2016

Harvest Festival church decorations
Click here to view pictures.

3 October 2016
Classic Car Show
Yesterday's event was blessed with fine weather after heavy rain the day before.

To view more pictures click here

15 September 2016
Parish Council Accounts 2015/16
The audit of the Parish Council's accounts for 2015/16 has been completed. Anyone is entitled to see and copy: the accounting statements;the auditors opinion; other reports. There will be a notice on the board next to the shop setting this out in detail together with the person to contact.   

26 August 16
Parish Council Meetings
The next Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 15 September at 8,00 pm in the Kingston Rooms. The agenda is now available on the Parish Council page of this website.
The meeting will be preceeded by a Planning Meeting which, among other things, will consider a proposal to build 7 new houses at Prosperous Farm and a resubmission of the application for Carvers Farm. The agenda for this meeting is available on the Parish Council web page. Please note that this meeting starts at 7,15 pm.

29 July 16
Road Closure - Again!!
Wilts now intend to close the road to Little Bedwyn between the 19 and 22 August. This is the third time we have been notified of this closure, the previous 2 dates were cancelled.

15 July 16
Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 21st July at 8,00 pm in the Kingston Rooms. There will be a Planning sub committee meeting at 7,45 pm. Details of both can be found on the Parish Council web page under "organisations".

15 June 16
Road Closures
It is likely that the road between Shalbourne and Little Bedwyn will be closed on the 11-12 July for resurfacing. A similar notice was issued in March but the work was not done because of the weather. The full notice can be read by clicking here, a map showing the closed road and the diversion can be found here.

18 May 16
Notice of EU Referendum
Formal notice of the above has been received and will be posted next to the Shalbourne Stores. A copy can be found by clicking here.

13 May 16
Fix and Repair Cafe - Saturday 25th June

The Shalbourne Fix & Repair Café will take place in the Church on Saturday 25th June, from 10.00am until 12.30pm.   Featured on the Church of England Facebook during each of the last two years, the Shalbourne Fix & Repair Café has achieved world-wide recognition:  usually held in October, the event has been brought forward to make use of the warmer weather and longer days.    Everything from failing portmanteaus to fractured porcelain  -  the repair team are prepared to give it a go!   Bring it along, and we will see if we can fix it or give advice.   Admission is free.   The coffee is heavenly.  The cakes are divine.  The cookies are out of this world.

13 May 16
Tennis Club Party - Afternoon Tea and Pimms - 21 May 16
Open to all members and those who are thinking of joining – come and check us out!
Meet our tennis coach Lauren Bryett– who will be providing games for children and adults
Have a friendly knock around with like-minded tennis fans 
Please note everyone must wear appropriate footwear on the court, and although not compulsory do feel free to turn up in tennis whites

13 May 2016
Parish Council AGM - 19 May
The Parish Council AGM will be held in the Kingston Rooms at 8,00 pm on Thursday 19 May. It will be preceeded by a planning meeting to consider the plans for Carvers Farm. Full details are on the Council's webpage under "Organisations" above.

13 May 2016
Choral Concert, Sunday 15th May
The Shalbourne Collection will be giving a choral concert in the Church on Sunday 15th May at 4,00 pm. In addition to the main choir there will be a children's choir and gust soloists.

3rd May 2016
Annual Wilts Council Report
This was not available for the Parish Assembly but can be found by clicking here.

25th April 2016
Annual Police Report
The Annual Police Report for Shalbourne as discussed at the Parish Assembly is available by clicking here. All other reports will be attached to the minutes. 

21 April 2016
Road Closure
The road into Bedwyn near Jockey Green will be closed on the 10th and 11th May for resurfacing. The full notice and alternative route can be found by clicking here and a map by clicking here.

20th April 2016
Tennis Club
Details of the new season's activities, including court booking forms, subscriptions etc. are now available on the Tennis Club tab under "Organisations".  

17 April 2016
Parish Assembly Agenda
The Parish Assembly agenda for the meeting on the 21st April is now available on the Parish Council tab on this site.

10 April 2016
Parish Council News
The Parish Council accounts for 2015/16 are now available, please click here. Please note these accounts are unaudited and so subject to revision. If you have any queries on the accounts or would like to inspect the back up documentation, please contact any member of the PC.
There will be a Planning Sub Committee meeting in April, details will be on the PC page of this site.
The next Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 19th May, fuller details nearer the time.   

3rd April 2016
Gardening Club Annual Plant Sale
Please note that this will take place in the Kingston Room on Saturday 23rd April from 10am until 12.30pm (not as stated in the Parish Magazine).

23rd March 2016

Parish Assembly - 21 April

The Parish Assembly will be held in the Kingston Room at 7,30 pm on Thursday 21st April. Preliminary details can be found by clicking here. A full agenda will be available on the website about a week before the meeting. The minutes of last year's meeting can be found on the Parish Council page of the website. 

23rd March 2016

Summer Sports

The Tennis Club page, under "organisations" has been updated to include a link to the court booking system. The Cricket Fixtures page has been updated with the 2016 fixtures.  

18 March 2016

Police Report

The latest Police Report can be found here

28 February 2016

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 17 March at 8.0pm

in The Kingston Room, There will be a planning meeting at 7,45 pm. The agendas for both meetings are available via the Parish Council page on this website. 

These meetings are open to the public.

15 January 2016

Bus Service Consultation

Wiltshire Council are holding consultation on the future of bus services throughout the county. 

Click for details - .

This sets out various options, all of which entail a drastic reduction of bus services, especially in rural areas such as ours.

Unless we are careful we could lose our bus service completely. But there is an alternative, Option 24/7.. 

This has been proposed by "Trans Wilts Community Interest Company" this is Bus Franchising. For details click -

You are encouraged to vote for this option as the only chance to save our bus service. To vote, follow the instructions on the above website, which will also give you assess to all the proposed options and the voting form. 



Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging live in the Pewsey area

People in the Pewsey area can now sign up for free messages – by email, text and voicemail – about policing and crime matters in their neighbourhood by joining Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging. Click here for more information.


Changes to NHS services in Wiltshire

A Clinical Commissioning Group led by local GPs foresees big changes ahead. Click here for details.


Village boundaries changes

Wilts Council have proposed and published changes to the settlement boundaries which define the dividing line between urban/built development and open countryside. 

Click here for more information.


Keep Up-to-Date With What's Happening in the Shalbourne Community.

Shalbourne Parish Council is constructing an email list so that subscribers can be told of current community matters and events as and when they happen.

If you would like to join this list please email your email address and name to and your name will be added to the list.
There is also a Facebook group - Shalbourne Parish Council - which you can join here.

Paper delivery service

Shalbourne Stores & Post Office is offering to deliver newpapers & magazines daily at a competitive price.

Contact Polly on 01672 870257 to sign up or email


Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

We have been asked to draw attention to the charity's service for elderly and vulnerable people. Click here to read more and/or click here to visit the Trust's website. The service is now also listed on the Emergencies page.


'No cold callers' notice

Wiltshire Police have issued a notice for display on windows, doors and entrances to properties.


Click here to download it.



New defibrillator

A second defibrillator is now fully functional at the Sports Field. Click here for more detail.