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The project is not only about growing food but will aim to educate local groups and individuals by providing a safe outdoor place for learning. Its objectives are:

  • Grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs for local residents and businesses, based on organic principles.

  • Provide education in its widest sense, for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

  • Allow skills to be transferred through working and learning together, growing, cooking, and preserving rural crafts.

  • Provide an opportunity for people to exercise, for the benefit of both mind and body.

  • Host “eat-in” lunches to combat rural isolation, promote social inclusion and community cohesion.

  • Reconnect with where our food comes from.

  • Develop an appreciation of nature and the world around us.

The group’s mission statement is available here.

The group has the use of former commercial greenhouses and a soon to be fenced off part of a field at Carvers Hill Farm Thanks are due to the owners of the farm for making this available.

Ground clearance and planting are well underway. Do come along and get involved. For further details contact us.

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